Starting New

Today is the Fall Equinox, where the hours of light are equal to the hours of dark. Although the weather may not seem it, the solstices mark change; the chapter of summer has ended and the chapter of fall has begun.

Like the seasonal changes of the Earth, I am making changes in my life. I recently left my job of over two years, where I was unhappy, in pursuit of something that makes me feel fulfilled. While I whittle away at my measly savings account during that search, I hope to make a shift in my life. I want to stop viewing life as “what do I have to do today”, but instead see it as “what do I get to do today”. I want to achieve a richer and more meaningful life.

I thought today would be a good day to launch this new blog. I’ve titled it “Forgotten Skills” because I want to create a lifestyle that is more rewarding, breaking away from the consumer cycle and living a more natural life. Ways that people used to live. My dream is to run a learning center to teach others the basic skills like gardening, cooking, textile work, ecology and self-sufficiency. I hope to use this blog as a start to that. I wish to share the knowledge that I already know and learn new skills along the way.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

best wishes,





One thought on “Starting New

  1. Awesome! Best of luck to you. Are you keeping your old blog?

    It is so funny that you want to start learning center because that is exactly what my husband wants to do. He is kinda hoping I get a job in midwest so he can start a teaching farm.

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