Busy, Zucchini and Garden, oh my!

For such a long time, when people said “I’m too busy”, I didn’t know what that meant. I  couldn’t conceptualize how someone couldn’t text back or meet for a quick dinner. Now I understand. For the past few months, I’ve been crazy busy with job number 1 (which is wrapping up this week, yeah!), job number 2 (which takes up at least 2 evenings a week and constant emails), and planning my own wedding. Cooking has been neglected, as is house cleaning, but luckily the garden is growing along just fine with minimal efforts on my part.

Lets take a look, shall we?

planting the tomato starts, end of April

Right outside the chicken coop door is a mass of volunteer tomatoes, pushed outside from their scratching. They have green tomatoes on them, so we have not yet pulled them. We are eager to see what type they are!
These are two kitties that our apartment neighbor brought home, dumped outside, stopped feeding and then moved. We’ve taken them in and they now rotate from the garden, the food bowl, to the couch and then back outside. We call the grey one Pineapple and the little black one Bacon. Gaia doesn’t seem to mind too much, Gale is perpetually annoyed.
strawberries a bountiful, but due to lack of sun are sadly not sweet
beans slowly curl skyward on our angled trellis
honeybees frequent the echinacea
this year we planted peas along side the corn
the tomatoes, so small 2 months ago, are now almost 5 feet tall!
lots of tomato flowers!
our butterfly bushes are in full bloom, but I haven’t seen any butterflies
my wedding zinnias have started to bloom, I’m hoping they will hold out until August
May enjoys the day out, foraging under the Borage

And of course, zucchini. A nice break from the constant Kale, but I wish it grew a bit slower. There seems to be a new squash for very meal!


3 thoughts on “Busy, Zucchini and Garden, oh my!

  1. Your garden is lovely! Don’t you just love those volunteers? I had no less than 10 plants this year that I let grow where they were. I’m still eating off of them. I wonder where your butterflies are..

  2. Thank you for the photo update! Isn’t it crazy how a perspective change on “busy” can make you realize how very much time you used to have? It’s so nice when the garden times out perfectly to not need much time when we don’t have much to give.

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