Much to do about Plums

I’m pretty sure my little apartment complex was built on an old orchard. We have a pear tree in our back yard, there is an apple tree behind a carport, and there is a plum tree growing from the 3 feet of dirt bordering the parking lot.

I don’t remember there being any plums last year, but this year it is loaded. Every time a breeze blows though, it sends a shower of plums to the pavement. This prompted me to haul our rickety old latter out of the garage and pick some.

Now I have two big bowls full and have to figure out what to do with them. I got all the ones I can reach, but Matt can stretch a good foot to 2 feet taller than I can, so we’ve got an entire new layer of the tree to pillage. They have all ripened at once, so we need to make haste before they all fall!

After spending an hour searching Epicurious and my cookbook collection, I have come to the realization there are very few savory recipes. This is the plan I’ve come up with:

  • plum syrup to make plumtinis
  • vanilla plum jam
  • Asian plum sauce
  • plum crumble
  • pork chops with gingered plum sauce for dinner
  • dehydrate whatever is left

5 thoughts on “Much to do about Plums

  1. Oh, I’m envious! We love plums around here, and have a potted plum tree but it’s still too young to produce fruit. Last year I fell in love with homemade plum fruit leather. Enjoy your surplus!

  2. Love plums! How fortunate to get to “forage” from one. I have four plum trees in my backyard, and not a single one fruited this year (most likely due to last year’s drought). Can’t wait for next year.

    Lovely photos.

  3. Have you checked out They might have a good savory recipe for plums. I know they have some for other stone fruits so maybe do a substitution.

  4. melissa, if you still have some more plum left, you
    can make plum liqour. if you like to try, will get
    the recipe for you.

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