meal plan and images from the yard

Despite being mid-July, today was miserably cloudy, grey, drippy and dismal. This prompted me to stay inside, curl up with cookbooks, meal plan and do some baking. We are also launching into cookie making time for the wedding, and need space in the deep freezer for the dough, so I’m slowly working on clearing out the lonely things that are left over from last year.

This past weekend was beautiful, though, and I spent time just milling around in the yard.







































Meal Plan-

  • have from the garden: basil, thai basil, parsley, green onions, arugula, beets, green chili, zucchini & yellow SQUASH
  • have from the freezer: apples, pork shoulder, bread crumbs
Breakfasts: apple & walnut buttermilk muffins
Lunch: chicken, avocado & arugula wraps with roasted pepper spread on lavash
Monday: crockpot pulled pork with zucchini & beet coleslaw
Wednesday: faux pho with tofu…or some kind of asian noodle salad or soup with herbs
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: zucchini lasagna with homemade ricotta and lots of basil

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    1. hahaha sure, but then you also have to take my crappy ass apartment who’s bathroom door won’t close, my carpet that is so old and thin its like wood, and my perpetually stoned, albeit nice, neighbor. Hopefully you will have a nice space in SD!

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