Drying Fruit

Last week, a neighbor had excess apricots and listed them out on our neighborhood email group, and I split the basket up with another urban homesteader.

There wasn’t enough to jam, so I cut them up to dehydrate. I eat almost everything, but apricots are one of those weird things I have issues with for the texture. I don’t like them fresh at all. But they are yummy when they are dried!

The apricots only filled a few trays in the dehydrator, and I didn’t want to run it almost empty, so I went searching for something else to dry.

I remembered that there was a house a few doors up the street that I had passed earlier in the week that had plums dropping to the ground. So I took a walk to see if anyone had picked them.

Nope, the ground was still covered with beautiful Santa Rosa plums. Once they hit the sidewalk they were split, but the tree still had tons. The tree was in the house’s yard, but most of the branches hung over the sidewalk. I can’t stand when people let food go to waste on the branches or vines, and it was clear that no one was going to harvest these. I had previously thought the house was abandoned, or foreclosed, because the windows were boarded up, but there was a women loading a car in the driveway. I asked if I could pick, and she responded “Oh, I didn’t even know that was a plum tree!, go ahead”.

So I ran back home, grabbed our fruit picker, and got a colander worth.

Santa Rosa plums are my favorite plums, when dried they are super tart, almost like a sour candy. Gaia was super helpful by being underfoot and smearing the sticky plum juice all over the kitchen.


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