Hanging Laundry to Dry

According to Laundry List, “80% of American households use a dryer for between 2 and 9 loads per week. Millions more use a multi-housing laundry or coin-operated laundry facility to wash and/or dry their clothes.”

Our household generates about 3 loads of laundry a week and half to 2 weeks, directly correlating to how much cooking and cleaning I do (producing tea towels and dish rags). I try to hang at least 1 of those loads to dry outside on the line. When you have weather that is 90 degrees plus, clothes dry in just the same amount of time as if they were in the dryer!

Right now I have two lines of cotton cord that I have tied to my deck railing and attached to the fence with an eye hook. We take them down regularly so we don’t run into them or when we have a fire, so they are always a bit loose. Our volunteer sunflowers from the bird seed are also growing in between them. I can only fit about 1 load at a time.

And while I was busy working outside, the lazy cats were all inside, scattered about sleeping! Its too hot out for kitties!


4 thoughts on “Hanging Laundry to Dry

  1. We do the same. It really does help with the energy bill (we have a load a day with six in the house) and in 90+ degree weather, they dry in roughly the same time. When it’s cooler, we plan on extending our line-dry area into a flower garden like Garden Booyah’s here (http://wp.me/pL7Yl-5Q).

  2. Such a life, to be a cat! I love the photo of the clothes with the sunflowers in it – it really just captures “summer” for me.

    I have a line in my backyard, but admittedly only dry towels on it. I haven’t found a way to get the clothes to dry without the scratchy/stiff feeling, and fabric softeners irritate my skin. So until some magical mix of vinegar or borax, or something new, gets the clothes looking appropriate for work, into the dryer they go!

  3. I just bought a clothes drying rack today! And stuff is on it drying! My HOA doesn’t want me drying clothes outside, but I don’t mind not hauling my wet clothes downstairs anyways.

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