Life Update

Wow, its been a while! Please excuse my absence, I got married.

The wedding turned out well, considering we were on a budget and thing after thing seemed to go wrong during the planning process. One of the biggest tasks was the flowers: I grew most of them, foraged on the side of back country roads, and gleaned from willing neighbors. My bridesmaids and I arranged them all the day before. We had boxes and boxes of assorted glass jars.


So now, with the wedding over and our honeymoon adventure to Belize complete, its back to “real life”. I’m still the in-house event coordinator for the ShareExchange, but don’t have any full time work lined up. I’m hoping to spend the extra “time” that I have on really working to get my own event company launched.

The putting up of food this year has been bleak. There was either no blackberry season this year, or we missed it. I have no jam preserved away for next year. Our tomatoes are slowly coming in, but not enough to can, and my mom’s crop seemed to be plagued by blossom end rot. My apple connection had a measly year, so I didn’t get the baskets full that I got last year.

The garden is in transition. The squash was finished and pulled to make space for cauliflower. We pulled the corn in order to prep for broccoli. The basil and the arugula are in full seeding, and left in the bed till I can collect the seeds. The beans are long gone.

One of the downsides of year-round gardening is we have bugs, year round. We don’t have freezes or snow to kill off the current batch of pests, which I’m convinced might be a blessing. We have MAJOR issues with cabbage moths, and the gross green larva that chew down the brassica leaves to only a stick. The only way to avoid them is to create a barrier, so I’m in the process of designing a cage from bridal tule. Stay tuned! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. (Oops, wasn’t logged in!) I read about your dress making saga on Craftster and was just wondering if you’d actually gotten married yet! Lo and behold, you have. You did a fantastic job on the dress and those grown/foraged flowers look beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Jess, for checking in!
      Sadly, I decided a month before the wedding that I didn’t like the dress I had sewn, so I went and bought one that was similar. I think that after working on it for so long, it became just a “nice dress I had sewn” instead of “the most important dress ever”. It got to a point where I started to cry whenever I looked at bridal blogs because I was so unhappy! I’m glad I got the dress I did, but now I have to figure out what to do with the other one!

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