The Season of Pomegranates

November brings many things: first frost, regular meals of squash, Thanksgiving, trying to heat my apartment with my crappy-ass wall heater, in-my-opinion-way-to-early-Christmas-decor-and-commercials, and dark nights. It also brings Pomegranates.

For us, due to the 2 generous trees that Matt’s Grandma has, that means lots of them. She keeps a handful and kindly gives the rest to us.

If you google “how to seed a pomegranate“, you will come up with 2,150,000 results; many with approaches on how to do it was a spoon, in a bowl of water, turning it “inside out”, cutting it in half and then quarters, blah blitty blah blah….. My favorite way is to spend the afternoon, preferably sitting in the sun, and pull each seed out by hand. They often have natural cracks and splits in the shell, which make for perfect seams to pry them open by. Grab with two hands, pull apart, and pick away.

Its definitely time consuming, and messy. Put on clothes than can be stained, and plan on having your fingers stained purplish grey for quite a while.  If you have to open the front door or run to the store, people might think you were in a brutal fight or murder.

If your lucky, you might have kitties milling about being helpful. And by being helpful, I mean thinking the round fruit are toys to be pawed at, and boxes are there to hop in and out of.

I seeded all the fruit that had cracks in them, because they won’t keep, and filled my 7 quart mixing bowl. We still have a dozen or so that were whole, which I’ll save to seed out for salads.  Last year I tried freezing some of the seeds, but the crisp texture didn’t come through when they were defrosted, making it a non-worthwhile effort.

Like last year, I ran the seeds through my super awesome vintage juicer.

I measured out that about 3 cups of seeds will yield 1 cup of juice. After letting it settle and scraping off the foam, I froze the juice in ice cube trays (to be used for cocktails & salad dressings) and 4oz jelly jars (to be used for reducing into molasses or other recipes).

My recipe must have & to-make list includes:

What do you like to do with pomegranates?


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  1. Dang! You just reminded me that I have a juicer that I’ve NEVER used on pomegranate, the perfect fruit for a juicer. Must remedy that right away. (I’m for the messy seed-picking method myself. On the back porch.)

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