The Power of the Box, aka “how to get shit done with a cat around”

Anyone with kitties know how useful they are when you are trying to craft. Gaia is always on a mission to attack my fabric as its feeding through my sewing machine, bite at my scissors as they cut, or promptly sit on top of a paper project. I’ve been teaching myself to knit, and her most current project is to bat at my needles and chew on the yarn.

When you spend half your time trying to pry the yarn out of your cat’s mouth or out of their claws, you can’t be that productive on your project.


My BFF texted me last night and said she has the solution: put a box next to your project and it will contain the cat. She then sent me 3 pictures of her kittie, Jasmine, on 3 different days, clearly happy in the box and leaving Brianna’s projects alone.

look how happy Jasmine is in the box!

I was eager to try it.

Verdict: highly successful.

I can now knit without wet, toothed up yarn. And Gaia gets to hang out in a box. Everyone wins!


6 thoughts on “The Power of the Box, aka “how to get shit done with a cat around”

  1. The picture of the cat in the box sitting next to you is classic! My cat isn’t so addicted to boxes. But the same thing happens if you leave a nice, empty, inviting-looking bag on the floor…

    1. yes, bags are also a favorite here in our house! right now we have a box & a bag next to each other. my house looks like a recycling pile….come to think of it!

  2. Haha! That is super. I used to crochet and had the same problem with two four-pawed creatures. Can’t believe I didn’t think of “the box” solution. I will totally pass this gem on…many cat friends with my knitting/crocheting friends. Priceless!

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