First knitting project

I’m teaching myself how to knit. Or re-teaching, rather.

I have *kind of* knit before. My friend Diana taught me years ago when we were in elementary school, but I don’t remember actually creating anything other than frustration. My mom had also tried to teach me, but she’s left handed, and I couldn’t figure out how to replicate what she was doing, but backwards. I managed to learn the basic knit stitch out of her old Sunset knitting book, but never knew what do with it other than straight rows. In collage, I worked on a few scarfs until I encountered someone who could to cast off for me.

After practicing a bit, with the help of Gaia, I moved onto using double pointed needles. I had some beautiful handspun, Navajo Churro yarn that I purchased at the first Heirloom Festival, a few years ago.


Since I only had 1 skein, I decided to make myself a pair of boot sock cuffs. They aren’t real socks, just a tube that you ware at the top of your boot. Not fully practical, but I think they are super cute.

boots, front

I’m really happy with them!


I knitted these on size 10 needles, with a of gauge of about 3.5 stitches per inch. I cast on 42 stitches, divided equally on 3 needles. There are 5 rows of single ribbing, 20 rows of stockinette, 5 rows of single ribbing.

Next project: circular needles!


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  1. they look great! i don’t think functional is necessary when it comes to fashion. i just started knitting again as well. happy knitting!

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