Organizing & Storing Seeds

The sun has been shining, the mustard is starting to pop up in the vineyards, and I’ve seen Magnolias budding out while walking in the neighborhood. Despite the 30 degree nights, and actually not even being half way though Winter,  such changes make Spring seems like its just around the corner.

Which makes me think of gardening, and of seeds. So this past weekend, I pulled out the disastrous mess of my seed package collection to take a look on what I had left from last year. My seed organizational system and storage is a complete disaster. Once open, the package gets kinda-folded over, and haphazardly (wow, I spelt that correct without spellcheck!) thrown into an old canning jar box. There is also a few mason jars from seeds I saved, as well as a few paper bags with onion sets and sprouting potatoes.


Not pretty. Which led me to trying another organizational system I saw once: use the pockets of a travel cd case. So out went all my cds that I hadn’t looked at in 4 years because they are all imported on my itunes, and in went the seeds.


“How BRILLIANT I am!” I thought. Until I realized the case wouldn’t close, not even close, leaving me with a wide open cd case, taking up even more room than my box, and no where to put mason jars or bags. This system might work great if you have slender seed packs, but the envelopes filled with corn, beans or anything lumpy make the pages too thick.

So back into to the box they went, leaving me no closer to a pretty organizational system than I was earlier.

I’ll keep dreaming of a fancy seed organizational system, perhaps stored in an antique library card catalogue cabinet, or tin boxes for each type of plant. Hell, I’d even settle for a bigger box! Meanwhile, here are some beautiful systems that I found online to serve for some inspiration! I’d love to hear from you, how to you store your seeds?

plastic photo organizing case, from Throwback Road
seeds in an re-used sprinkle container, from MrBrownThumb
colorful and organized filing system in metal box, from Chiot’s Run
reusing office filing systems, source unknown
Tin Seed box, from Burgon & Ball (in England)

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  1. Last year I organized my seeds in a box sort of like chiot’s run, but now that I’ve bought too many seeds for this year, my collection has outgrown the box. So now I need to find a much bigger one.

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