Organizing & Storing Canning Rings

Last post I shared about my epic fail to keep my seeds organized. Another item that is prolific in our house and always an organizational disaster is canning jar rings. If your not familiar with canning, the jars that are used today are three parts: the infinitely reusable glass jar, the single-canning-use-but-ok-to-reuse-for-storage metal lid, and the almost infinitely reusable metal ring.

When we have an empty jar, they go back into their box and live on a bookshelf, and the lids get thrown in the kitchen drawer. Matt does what he thinks is the more sensible thing of putting the ring back on the jar and storing, but for some reason that annoys me (actually I know the reason, its because I have to screw on & then unscrew to use, then screw back on with the lid…..but Matt doesn’t see the reasoning) and I throw the rings into the drawer as well. Problem is, my kitchen isn’t large enough for just a canning jar drawer, so they get mixed up with the measuring cups, the rolling pins, the cheese grater, etc. There is also a bag of them in the garage. Oh, and another bag shoved in the closet. They are everywhere!

A re-used wine box. I cut away a few of the dividers to make space for my other canning supplies, like the new lids and my jar lifter, and the rings were stacked neatly in the other wine cubby holes.
Seriously, I amaze myself. How did I not think of this earlier? Now, the box lives on the bookshelf, and all my canning supplies are neatly organized.

Feel free to copy and prolifically share my brilliancy. 🙂



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