Wild Turkeys

There is a flock of wild turkeys that roam my neighborhood. After being in the county for almost 6 years, I’m not longer surprised to see them around. You regularly see them out in open fields, even sometimes walking along the side of the freeway. But to have them hang out in your front yard is pretty crazy, when your less than a block from a major street.


When we first drove by the house to look at it, they were hanging out in the street. The next time we drove by, they actually pecked at our car tires. When we moved in, we had people warn us, and we were told they will attack bikes and baby strollers. We’ve seen people carry sticks with them as they walk past our house on their morning stroll.


I still find it hilarious that on our disclosure paperwork, in the “known pests” section, the owners stated “flock of wild turkeys”. We’ve seen them regularly hang out in the street, and there are a few hens that sun themselves in the back corner of the yard. They make for excellent kitty TV!


Unlike domestic turkeys, wild ones can fly and they certainly don’t have any problems  hoping fences. Our neighbor said they regularly distroy her lettuce. So far, no issues with them, and the chickens don’t seem to be bothered. If we do, Matt has a bow and this wild turkey carnitas sounds pretty good!


4 thoughts on “Wild Turkeys

  1. turkey is delish. there were flocks of them in the davis cemetery. unfortunately it is illegal to kill turkeys within the city limits. the turkeys seemed to know they were safe there and would hang out all the time. i had multiple friends who would head over to the agricultural fields nearby to hunt them with varying success.

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