In Which we Start Landscaping the Front

When we moved from the apartment, we pulled our larger sages, yarrow and butterfly bushes to take with us. The giant root balls went into any container we could find: 5 gallon buckets, 10 gallon planting pots, large rubbermaid storage boxes. Nothing looked great, but nothing had completely died. I wanted to get them out of their temporary holding containers as soon as possible, but we had been busy with the blackberries and I hadn’t decided on a place to put them yet.

front of house, before

After a few weeks of 80 degree and up weather, this past Sunday was a low 70, with a meager chance of rain. My friend Adriann had come over to help pull blackberries, but I wanted to jump at the opportunity of a dreary day and get my plants in the ground. The best place I could think of was in the front of the house, which I planned on eventually turning into landscaping with drought tolerant and perennial plants.


So out came the row of Agapanthus with their fleshy roots, and the hidously rooty Nandina. Then Matt dug out a few feet of the top soil, we dug a row of deeper holes to accommodate the large plants, and the backfilled with compost.


Have I mentioned how hard the damn clay is?


We also discovered a row of bricks, buried under the soil, which we unearthed and used to create a border of our transplants.

having a friend help makes hard work much easier!

The plants look a bit out of place with our weedy lawn, but they will fill in and slowly the lawn will be transformed. At least now my pineapple sage, geranium, rosemary, yarrow and butterfly bushes are back in the ground!




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