Baby Turkeys

Its the time of baby turkeys. Not ones we are raising to eat, but the flock of wild turkeys that live in my neighborhood.


The males haven’t been around lately, but there is a mama turkey thats living in the tall grass at the back of our lot. She’s got 2 babies, who follow her around. I think by now they are about a week old. I don’t know what qualifies as good turkey parenting, but she seems to be a good mom. She regularly clucks/chirps/gobbles/whatever you call mama turkey noises to let her babies know where she is, and they cheep back. Often they will get lost in the grass and she wobbles around clucking until the baby makes its way safely back to her.


She’s also super protective. She doesn’t like me getting anywhere near her, and seems super suspicious of when I pull the camera out. Bacon managed to grab one of the babies, and she quickly charged. He dropped the turkeling (thats what I’ve decided baby turkeys are called) unharmed and she chased him throughout the yard. Highly amusing!

turkey 2


For now, they are very cute. I’m enjoying seeing the mama’s head peering through the weeds and hearing the peeping of the little birds. But soon, I’m sure they will start eating my garden, and they won’t be so cute anymore!