Views of the Garden

As we enter these first few days of summer, the garden seems to be creeping right along. Perhaps its because these plants have more sun so they don’t stretch out, or the vastness of the yard seems to diminish them, or the fact they are growing in a scant a amount of compost bowled into nutrient deficient  soil, or the competition with weeds, but I’m not nearly as impressed with how things are growing compared to what I grew at the apartment.

I have grand plans for the future: raised beds, brick paths, lush hedgerows…..But it is the first year, things got into the ground relatively late, and we have to start somewhere!

view of our interim garden
tomatoes and beans
Cherokee Trail of Tears beans slowly climb up their trellis, and green tomatoes just await for time to pass in order to ripen
Pumpkin blossoms stretch to the sky, Crane melons send out flowers, and cumbers stretch out towards the trellis
Pumpkin blossoms stretch to the sky, Crane melons send out flowers, and cucumbers stretch out towards the trellis
potatoes, unknown, pom
Potatoes are in bloom, we still haven’t determined what this mystery tree is, and I am saddened to find that my research of our pomegranate variety is only ornamental
Blackberries are starting to ripen, Persimmons are growing right along, and the Figs are starting to turn
Lemon Tree
The Eureka Lemon tree has mysteriously dropped all the leaves from its bottom stems and branches. However, the baby lemons seems to be doing OK!



3 thoughts on “Views of the Garden

  1. Looking GOOOD! So envious as my garden, though still producing, is lack-luster in appearance for my absence. Bummer about the persimmon. Any tree I plant in the future will be a fruiting variety. I have two citrus (local tangerine) on the back porch awaiting the triple-digit temps to pass before finding their roots into the orchard.

    I love what you’ve done with the property. You guys must be patting yourselves on the back — that was lots of work.

    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for the comment! I’m having a hard time deciding where to put the lemons, which is why they are still in pots!

      1. That’s the beauty of lemons and pots — they’re happy there too. Take your time to zero in on your spot before you dig. They’ll just wait and produce patiently!

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