Introducing Stella Mae

I’m excited to announce that our family has grown by one, by a mutt named Stella Mae!


We adopted her from a puppy rescue based in the Bay Area, who saves itty bitty puppies from shelters and fosters them out until homes can be found. This little girl originally came from a shelter in Madera, where she was surrendered with her 5 brother and sisters.



Her breed is unknown, perhaps a Lab and Australian Shepard mix. All her littermates looked different: one was all white, one black and white like a cow, solid black, brown and white, and one golden lab color with blue eyes.




Its guessing that her birth date was May 11, which makes her about 10 and a half weeks today. She is still waiting for a few more of her shots, so she’s can’t go out for walks or meet other dogs yet. We’ve been carrying her around and meeting strangers outside the grocery store and my work, to get her socialized.


Stella means star in Latin, and its a name I’ve always loved. Before I decided I didn’t want any of my own children, I always thought I would name my daughter Stella. Her middle name Mae being from the John Lee Hooker Song, Stella Mea. Going along with the meanings of my cat’s names, wind and earth, Stella fits right in with our menagerie!



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    1. haha, I know! I guess it could be wind, earth, star and FOOD! I think you can tell which one Matt chose! 🙂

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