A New Chapter in Life

I’ve quit my job. For the past 2 years, I have worked with amazing, inspirational people at an organization called the ShareExchange. I created and ran a shared work space, where I met lots of really great people. I managed the calendar and coordinated social events, lectures and workshops. But, I’ve decided that I need to invest full time efforts into making our land a farm and our house a home. I also want to disengage from the face paced life that we all get pushed into.

a manifesto for simple life

Until the age of 18, when I moved into the dorms for college, I lived in the woods without electricity. I did homework by candle. I helped my mom in the garden and we ate family dinners every night. I spent almost all my time outside. My chores were to sweep our wood floor, chop kindling and tend the chickens. I miss the simplicity and feeling of that lifestyle. Perhaps I just miss childhood. I have a deep, unsatisfied urge to live a more simple, rural life. As captured in The Happiness Project, “This longing for simplicity is so powerful and complex that it needs its own term, much like nostalgie de la boue (yearning for the mud) or wabi sabi (the beauty of the imperfect and impermanent)….One reader coined the wonderful world “Waldenlust”.

When we bought our half acre back in March, we sought out this much land because we wanted to grow food. That was the plan. At some point, we knew one of us would have to stay at home. Not just for a hobby garden, but something that feeds my family, and others. I want to either sell at the farmer’s market or run a hyper-local CSA. But to get to either of those realities, time, lots of time, needs to be poured into the space. Because we only had 2 days to move from our apartment into this house, I never had time to paint, or even do a deep cleaning. It still feels like someone else’s house, but just with our stuff in it.

Grow a Garden

So I’m taking my new found “time” to dive head deep into getting this started. There is lots to do. Our hen house is half built, the soil needs serious amending, and one of these days I’ll actually craw into the attic to look at our heating system. Lights need to be replaced and carpet needs to be cleaned. There is a never ending list, and there always will be.

Luckily, I love lists. 🙂



5 thoughts on “A New Chapter in Life

  1. Hey Melissa……. So happy & proud of you for living your dream…… wish I was there to help you dig some dirt & paint some walls

    1. Thanks for your kind words Laura! It looks like you’ve been doing well and having fun back home! If you ever make it back out here, I’m sure there will still be dirt….and blackberries…..

  2. I just came across your blog, very happy I did! We are locals, interested in homesteading. Congrats on making this big decision, you can do this!

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