Santa Rosa Heirloom Expo

Today is the third, and last day, of the Heirloom Expo! Also labeled as the Worlds Pure Food Fair, this awesome festival held at the Santa Rosa Fair Grounds is about all things Heirloom.


For something to be considered an heirloom variety, it means they have a long history of being cultivated and saved within a family or group. They evolved by natural or human selection over time. Heirloom seeds are all public domain, open-pollinated, and can be saved from generation to generation. There are heirloom seeds, traditions, poultry and livestock all represented at this festival, as well as a back to back schedule of workshops and lectures.


We went on Tuesday, and had a great time viewing the tables and tables of veggies, talking with heirloom seed companies, petting a Scottish Highland cow, and watching people spin wool. We sampled apples, bought some quinoa seeds, and looked at the latest gardening books.


If you have time, make sure to stop by the festival! Visit for all the details and today’s speaker’s schedule.

Here are some more images from our adventure there:

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“By planting heirloom seeds, you have become a steward of our food heritage, a link in a chain that goes back thousands of years. Use these seeds to grow food, but please save the seeds, share them with others, and replant them again…”



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