Happy Autumn!

Happy Equinox, the first day of Fall!


This is the day when both the daytime and nighttime are of the same length. It has been long interpreted to mean that the world is in balance. Autumn is a time of dual purpose––it is time to gather the harvests and it is time to determine what is needed for the upcoming winter.

While we don’t get a major color change here in wine country, you can feel a shift in the air. My persimmons are starting to turn a burning orange. Leaves are falling from the apricot and the pear. I can see my breath when I go out in the morning. I have the urge to pull out my chunky sweaters, curl up and knit, and drink tea.

I’ve put my harvest fall wreath on the front door, and I welcome the coming season!

What’s your favorite part of fall?


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