The Garden is Growing & Patiently Waiting for Spring!

If I was a plant, I’d be confused as hell on what season we are in. One day its beautiful and 75 degrees. Then suddenly its pouring rain (and consequently flooding the yard. again) followed by crazy blustery winds. We still have months before our last frost date, but the yard is pushing ahead, right on schedule for spring! Things are growing, grass is green, and despite the looming fact that half our yard is a lake, I think its looking like a thriving garden!

Here’s some of the happenings in my little corner of the world: 

In early January I planted 5 artichoke starts, probably a bit earlier than I should have. However, they are doing great and have tripled in size. This particular plant is the Opera variety.


The section of the cover crop where we planted the fruit trees has started to flower or go to seed. Since the mass of it as already tilled under when we planted the trees, I’m leaving whats left and allowing to flower. It is attracting tons of lady bugs, and hopefully lots of other beneficial bugs!

ladybugs and covercrop.jpg

All of the fruit trees that we planted as bare root have budded out! Which means I didn’t kill any of them! YEAH!!!! The Santa Rosa plum even has a solitary bloom.

flowered plum.jpg

The strip of fava beans, planted for food, have flowers.

In the garden beds, the recently transplanted bok choy, kale and celery are doing well. Garlic that was planted in the fall was slow to start, as it wasn’t watered, but is now thriving. I’ve also got some lettuce, mustard and arugula seedlings hardening off, and recently re-seeded some peas (since the first flood washed away the first round of pea starts). The potatoes should be going in tomorrow. Half of the asparagus crowns, which I planted from bare root crowns a few weeks ago, have speared (branched? budded? whats the right term for asparagus?) out, but the other half are still appear to be dormant (or dead- I’m keeping my fingers crossed they are just slow to wake up).

kale, celery.jpg

bok choy.jpg

The broccoli bolted, but I haven’t pulled it out yet and left it for the flowers. On sunny days, I’ve seen bees foraging on it. Plus, it adds more color to the yard!
bolted brocolii.jpg

Inside the house, I’ve got the grow light and heat mat set up and the tomatoes are just starting to sprout. There are 3 cells each of Cherokee Purple, San Marzano, Chadwich Cherry, Marmande, Striped German, Sun Golds, Principe Borghese, Bush Roma, Stupice and the Dutchman. With almost 100% germination success, I’m pretty sure many of the starts will get pawned off on friends 🙂tomatoes.jpg

“Weather means more when you have a garden. There’s nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.” – Marcelene Cox


4 thoughts on “The Garden is Growing & Patiently Waiting for Spring!

  1. I love to leave my broccoli flowers for the bees as well. I found out last year that the bees will actually leave me with far more broccoli seeds than I could possibly use in a year.
    We are going from 77 yesterday to 22 tonight…I’m sure the plants will be glad for the battle of the seasons to cease and stay settled in spring.

    1. I think its those night time temp drops that are the worse! I can’t even imagine being a plant and thinking “yeah, its warm again- I can grow” during the day and then at night thinking “oh shit, never mind!”

      1. Right? I’m hoping our peach farmers make it through these last rounds. The winter farmer’s market options are smaller and more sparse this year than previous years for the number of actual freezes we’ve had when we normally have maybe one quick, light frost.

  2. Bravo! Looking great. Glad to read you are leaving the bolted broccoli plants. They’re like a neon sign for the bees who need all they can get.

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