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Well, hello there! My New Years intentions of regular posts was foiled by me succumbing to the plague. I’ve still got a lingering cough, but have otherwise recovered, thanks to a giant pot of 100% garden-to-kitchen turkey and veggie soup, Chinese herbs that taste like dirt, and lots of naps with the kitties on the couch.

But a homestead stands still for no one, despite sickness, and lots have been happening the past few weeks. While I was asleep, Matt started working on the fence on the West side of our property, and as soon as I was recovered well enough to hold the level, started helping.


This side of the property actually has a fence, if thats what you would call the hog and barbed wire, and random bits of wood concoction. I’m pretty sure its original to when the area was developed, and has stayed standing mainly by the fact the wire is growing THROUGH a series of oak trees. Despite its jankyness, its kept the dog in, but only because the dog is well behaved. She could easily jump over, push under or probably go thought it if she really wanted, which is why she isn’t allowed to be outside if we aren’t home. But it would be nice to allow her to go out as she pleased, giving us more freedom for day adventures, so we are prioritizing getting this side more secure.

Thankfully, the haone rainstorm we had in December softened the ground, making digging the holes possible (not easy, but possible). We had a handful of materials salvaged from when we took down the shed (snaps to me for not throwing anything away!!!) that we’ve reused, and the neighbor has split some of the costs on buying additional materials. So far, we’ve got about 50 feet of solid fence up, and an additional 60 feet or so of posts set.


And apparently, its now Spring in Northern California, and the garden has burst into bloom. While its super nice to sit outside in the sun, the knowledge that we are in desperate need of rain and the lack of 40 degree weather means we aren’t getting the chill hours we need for fruit trees, makes it a bit hard to enjoy it.

The quince bushes are in full bloom. I have a bank of paperwhites in the front yard, my hardenbergia that grows on the chicken run is blooming and, and I have flowers on my borage. My antique pink rose never went dormant, and is now covered in flowers. Most of the fall planted broccoli has bolted, leaving the brassica bed awash in yellow flowers. The magnolia tree across the street has flowered, dropped the blooms, and is now leafing out. I saw an ornamental plum in full bloom on the side of Hwy. 12 the other day. Lovely, but not ok for this time of year. I feel concern deep down in my soul, and know that things are not right. And yet our government denies climate change…..

bolted brocolli hardenbergia rose


The nice weather means the wildlife also thinks its Spring, and the yard is alive with little birds and bees. You can actually hear the buzzing of the bees on the quince bushes the moment you step out the back door. The flock of wild turkeys that plague my street have also reemerged. I walked out my front door the other day to find 16 of them, eating my front “lawn”. The feather patterns on a handful of them is distinctively different, meaning they’ve bred new blood into the family, or they’ve joined forces with another flock. As I’m typing at my kitchen table, I can see two toms on the roof of the next door neighbor: looming like prehistoric weathervanes. If said prehistoric weathervanes destroyed your garden. And tried to attack you as you get into your car.



We rotated the chicken’s free range area, and they are enjoying the new patch of weeds and fresh dirt to dig in. We had a light molt this year, and a batch of new layers, so we’ve kept in eggs the whole winter, getting about 6 a day. Just the right number to keep us supplied and be able to occasionally sell, gift, or use as tip to my esthetician.

photo-13 IMG_5964

And now I’m off to go dig more post holes! As always, I love to hear from you! What’s happening where your at? Are you having normal Winter weather?


2 thoughts on “Homestead Happenings

  1. How odd! We’ve been having an actual winter, my first in eleven years in Texas. I hope nature finds a way to give chill hours and rain where you are yet without running the bloom or the bees. And I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. The pic of the turkeys walking down the street is awesome! The weather patterns all over the world are changing. I share your sense of things not being right.

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