Something is Finished, Finally!

kitties near fence

If I’ve learned one thing from the process of creating this homestead, is that in order to get one project done, there are about a billion other projects that must be done first. All of them take forever, and it seems that all of them cost about a bazillion dollars. So far, there isn’t a single thing on the homestead that is actually finished. The kitchen still needs baseboards and a few light plate covers. The hen house needs the automatic waterer installed, and the run’s roof is only half done. My list could go on and on.

But the one thing that is finally finished is our West property line fence! It doesn’t reach all the way to the front of the property, but stops midway to the house. Eventually, a front fence with a gate will go from the house to the corner, but for now we have to leave that section open to get a tractor though for grading, and space to roll big water tanks though. It is fabulous to not worry about Stella squeezing through the ancient wire fence or having to see my neighbor or his collections of stuff. And, bonus, it seems to be making it harder for the flock of turkeys to invade my yard!

IMG_7351 IMG_7350 IMG_7345

and Now, the Numbers:

  • Total feet of fence: 300
  • Number of post holes, dug by hand in solid adobe clay: 39
  • Pounds of concrete: 2,650
  • Pounds of screws: 23
  • Number of redwood 1×8: 469
  • Number of trips to Home Depot: 19
  • Number of trips to the dump, to recycle old wire, fence posts & general crap: 3
  • Number of trees used as posts: 2
  • Number of plants carefully worked around: 5
  • Random things found: 1 domino, 1 marble, 1 metal handle to a pot, and an section of old terra cotta sewer pipe
  • Number of weekends spent working on this project: 14
  • Amount saved by doing it ourselves: about $7,500

IMG_7025 IMG_6779 IMG_7349And now, moving on to the next project: installing rain barrels and finishing that run roof!


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  1. I love how you meticulously went around the plants, in particularly the tree. That must have been one trying project! Looks great, Melissa.

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