The Plants we all Love to Hate

There are many reasons to hate a particular plant. It could be because it is invasive. It could be because reseeds everywhere. Maybe because it has thorns. Perhaps it is a water hog.  Or its fragile and died the first time your fat-ass cat sat on it. And then, there are the plants that we hate for no practical reason. We might not even know what the plant is called, but we know we don’t like them. These are the plants that we love to hate.

For one of my friends, its bottle brush. It reminds her of tacky, ugly 70’s landscaping, surrounded by red lava rock. For another, it is camelias. They bring back reminiscences of our elementary school. I read an articles of someone hating nasturtiums no reason other than they are everywhere. For me, it’s agapanthus.


These perennial plants have showy purple flowers that rise above bright green leaves. You’ve seen them before. I’ve heard them described as “those plants that look like fireworks”, or “pom-poms”. They are easy to grow, easy to propagate and come in tons of different shades and sizes. Most people love them.  I remember Martha Stewart even ran a feature in one of her editions, proclaiming how amazing they are. But this is the plant that I love to hate.

firework plant

My no-good reason?They have no place in anything considered a “garden”. I see them only as a filler plant to surround fast-food restaurants. Here’s a little #tbt memory on why. Growing up, we didn’t eat lots of fast food, but my mom would occasionally take me as a treat. I was around 6, my mom was driving my dad’s oldschool Willys Power Wagon and we were going through the drive-thru of Burger King. Because it didn’t have power steering, my mom didn’t make the tight corner turn and instead plowed straight down the previously mentioned bank of agapanthus. I don’t remember what we did after that, but I’m pretty sure we just continued driving on, like nothing happened, and headed home. So now I can only associate them with cheap, tacky and ugly commercial landscaping.

the plant i love to hate

I just noticed that we have one in our front yard. It must have laid dormant under the overpowering shade of the Mayten tree, but when we removed the tree last year the agapanthus must have woken up. It started to bloom yesterday. So now to further add insult to my ugly front yard, I am reminded of fast-food landscaping each time I come home. Maybe I should drive my Civic over it, just for fun!

budding out

I would love to know- what kind of plants do you love to hate on? You know you’ve got one!


8 thoughts on “The Plants we all Love to Hate

  1. Hi Melissa!
    Oleander is the plant I despise. It’s hideous looking, poisonous, and I associate it with freeway barriers. Miles of oleander, some burned by brush fires along the road, with tons of garbage strewn in and around it.
    Also there was a movie I once watched called White Oleander. It was a disturbing movie and I hated all the characters.

  2. I also hate agapanthus. They are very invasive. Before you know it, you are going to have little agapanthus plants all over your garden. Their roots have anchors that need to be hacked out and they crowd out all other plants around them. Dig it up quick and burn it before it takes over your garden!!

  3. There is only plant I actually hate: poison ivy. I hate how it turns me into something resembling Swamp Thing. But you know … as vile as it is, it is still a pretty looking vine and the birds LOVE the fruit.

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