My Secret for Keeping Zucchini Edible Size

Its zucchini season! Which for an urban farmer, also means it’s the season of dreading the baseball bat sized squash.


When picked at a reasonable size, zucchini are delicious and nutritious. However, they get a bad rap and become the dreaded veggie of the summer when they start to grow to ginormous proportions. Every gardener knows the dread, to go out to the squash bed and see a missed squash. They easily camouflage with the rest of the plant and they seem to double in size overnight, so its a common occurance. And when they are picked at a large size, they are not good. Which is why supreme intelligence is needed to make sure you don’t get stuck with these dreaded lumps of seeds.


So I present to you the best homesteading hack ever. Follow this tip, and you will never be stuck with giant zucchini that has no purpose other than feeding the chickens. Are you ready for my secret? Behold:

Keep pruners out in the garden.

IMG_8350Simple, right? I used to be like all the other gardeners out there. I was regularly harvesting giant squash that were no longer edible. Until this season. I started keeping my clippers out in the garden, in a dedicated spot. Now, every morning when I water, I check the plants, grab the convenient clippers, and harvest squash at their perfect size. IMG_8590

If I kept them stored in the house or the garage, I would get distracted in my journey from garden to house, and end up watching cat videos on youtube. Or I’d tell myself I’d pick later- which never came until too late. Or I couldn’t find them and then I’d spend the rest of the time searching until I forgot what I was looking for.


So as long as I have zucchini growing, my Corona clippers that I use to harvest will live on top of the step ladder that serves as a cucumber trellis. I see squash, I harvest squash, I put clippers back. Repeat daily or morning and night. Never have the dreaded baseball bat squash again!

You’re welcome.


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