Mother Earth has her own timeline. She waits or rushes for no one. Gardening teaches patiences. Working along side nature is one big lesson on waiting. adopt patience

And recently, that is all I am doing. Waiting.

Waiting for seeds to come up.

Waiting for seedlings to grow large enough to harden off.

Waiting for the soil to dry up a bit so I can dig up the dock and arum that is invading my yard.

Waiting for the paths to change from puddles to firm earth I can push a wheelbarrow without sinking. Waiting to move the giant pile of (free!!!) arbor mulch that was dropped in my front yard. Waiting to move compost out of the back of the truck.

Waiting for standing water to evaporate so I weed whack and sheet mulch and build new beds.

Waiting for my well guy to replace the well pump. Waiting for the well to be functioning so I can run irrigation lines. Waiting for main lines to be run so I can run drip.

Waiting for a stretch of decent weather to coordinate with days off so I can finish the last section of fence.



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