Glimpse at the Winter Garden

Well hello there!

It’s been a while, as I’ve been busy now working 5 days a week. We have been on uber budget to play catch up from some big spending this past year, which means we don’t eat out AT ALL, so more of my spare time is spent prepping and cooking food. Fun things like blog writing have taken a lesser priority.  And yes, we did get some rain, so our yard is back to being a lake vernal pond, which makes it hard to remember that we are still in epic drought. Thankfully, the raised beds are above lake vernal pond level, and garden is growing along with little attention from me, other than to harvest the bounty it perpetually provides. I’ve collected a variety of pictures over the last month or so, and wanted to share a glimpse into what I’ve got going on.

pea mantis flood IMG_5361 IMG_5358 IMG_5356 IMG_5355 IMG_5353 IMG_5352 IMG_5350 IMG_5349 IMG_5345 IMG_5344 IMG_5343 IMG_5339

I’ve got lots of things planned to write about, like using fallen leaves, cleaning pruning shears, and some craft projects I’ve finally finished, but until then: how are things where you’re at? What do you love most in your garden right now? How’s the winter weather in your corner of the world?


9 thoughts on “Glimpse at the Winter Garden

  1. You have Brassicas! I am just coming in from flipping compost and spreading mulch. Only butternut and chard at the moment, but if my fav garden spot has Brussels sprouts, I’m getting as many as I can (seedlings). Love em!

    Glad to see your beautiful garden space out west and that you are finally getting some water (tho Lordy, your lake!) Thanks for lighting the fire, Melissa. 😀

    1. This is my first year growing brussel sprouts, I’m hoping they turn out! So far, they have lots of leaves on the stalk, where the bitty heads will be, but they don’t seem to be heading. Is that normal to grow the leaves first and then head?

      1. Yes. Big leaves and lots of them! It seemed like forever that the sprouts got big enough to harvest, plant was hip-high. Soooo worth the wait.

  2. I came (via A Sonoma Garden) because I cannot resist seeing other people’s real gardens. The pictures are amazing. I currently have 2 beds (12′ x 3′ ea) and plans for 2 more to go in. The 2 are planted and striving in the mild southern California winter. I just finished a harvest of radishes. I have been harvesting lettuce since Oct & it is still going strong. Broccoli harvest is about mid way through; the peas are just beginning to flower. The herbs (rosemary, basil, thyme & parsley) are flourishing and the carrots are well on their way. Bell peppers left from summer are still producing and we have 1 large volunteer tomato plant.

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