Life in the Garden

The other morning, I ventured out in my garden. Walking down my mulched pathway, I didn’t get far before I was actually brought to tears. At that exact moment, I saw a hummingbird feeding from bolted broccoli, a flock of tiny goldfinches raising up from eating aphids off my kale, and a nuthatch was jumping around in is crazy upside-down posture on the sides of my raised beds (hopefully eating rolly-pollies).

The birds quickly scattered away, alarmed by my presents, but my garden was still full of life. I saw aphids heavy on my apple tree, but they were being consumed by ladybugs and ladybug larva, solider beetles, and lacewings. Closer examination of my volunteer dill revealed two larva of Anise Swallowtail; I had seen one flittering above a few weeks before. Honeybees, carpenter bees, bumblebees and tiny native bees forage on bolted plants and the handful of flowers I have scattered about. If I turn over soil, I find worms. If I turn over logs I find skinks and occasionally salamanders. There are ladybugs of all life stages in my garden. anise swallowtaillady bug larvaladybug metamorphosis anise swallowtail larva

People garden for many reasons. Some to collect the newest or rarest specimens, some for stress relief, some for cutting flowers, or some for edibles. While I garden for many reasons, supporting natural life is the main one. Right now I have only edibles and a very few ornamentals planted, but have plans for extensive habitat gardens, including a pond. And despite not having “official” space set aside for the natural creatures, I still have tons of life thriving in my garden. And nothing makes me happier to know that I am creating a safe and healthy place that meets the needs of all these creatures, and even though my yard is a created ecosystem, it is acting as a part of nature.

6 thoughts on “Life in the Garden

  1. I love your pictures! I garden for wildlife also. My veggie garden is full of the same beneficials. I am also moved to tears!

  2. Above all else having wildlife in your garden shows its healthy and *IT WORKS*.

    The wildlife is taking from your bounty… You will get your turn later on. B-)

  3. Hi Melissa! Your garden is WORLDS beyond mine, but I love what you do and how you do it. Would you mind sharing a photo of your garden space and a bit of your favorites in the comment section? I hope to ‘see’ you, and happy, happy summer gardening to you! ~ Shannon

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